These mods are recommended to enhance the University Experience when using the ‘degree’ careers.

Accessory backpacks: Backpacks as CAS accessories.
The Professor Career: A detailed career for a University Professor.
Group Science Project Unhider: Makes the Group Science Project buyable for use in other worlds.
Study Skills Online: A very useful mod for allowing skills to be studied on the computer.
No Career Clothes: Stops ridiculous clothing choices for careers and allows Sims to go to work/class in their everyday wear.
No Free Work Performance (for tougher gameplay): No more work performance if the metrics haven’t been fulfilled. Much tougher gameplay.
Tagger (to add letters after the Sim’s name after graduation): Allows titles such as BA, MA or PhD to be added after the Sims name on the map tag.
Simbridge University Cards: Inventory objects to allow groups of sims to be pass through certain doors or be gathered in locations. For details on how this works, see this post and this page.

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