Graduation Information Pack

Each of the ‘degree’ careers promotes into one of the existing careers, either EA or one of my own. This list will give information on which ‘degree’ promotes into which career. My aim eventually is to hopefully have each ‘degree’ promote into multiple careers but right now that doesn’t appear to be possible. So this list is subject to change.

Accounting and Finance –> Accountant Career
Archaeology –> Archaeology Career
Architecture –> Builder and Decorator Career
Art –> Critic Career
Astronomy –> Astronomy Career
Biology –> Science Career (EA)
Business Management –> Business Career (EA)
Catering –> Culinary (EA)
Chemistry –> Pharmacist
Civil Engineering –> Builder and Decorator Career
Computing –> IT Career
Dance –> Dance Career
Drama –> Performing Arts Career
Economics –> Banking Career
Education –> Teaching Career
Electrical Engineering –> Electrician Career (Not Yet Released)
English Language –> Advertising Career
English Literature –> Critic Career
Environmental Science –> Environmental Scientist Career
Events Management –> Event Planner Career
Fashion –> Fashion Designer Career (Not Yet Released)
Forensic Sciences –> Law Enforcement (EA)
Game Design –> Video Game Developer (EA)
Geography –> Airline Career
History –> Historian Career (Not Yet Released)
History of Art –> Museum Curator Career
Hospitality Management –> Culinary Career (EA)
Human Resource Management –> Business Career (EA)
Illustration –> Comic Artist Career
Interior Design –> Interior Designer Career (Not Yet Released)
Journalism –> Reporter Career (Not Yet Released)
Law –> Lawyer Career
Linguistics –> Airline Career
Marine Biology –> Marine Biologist Career (Not Yet Released)
Marketing –> Advertising Career
Mathematics –> Accountant Career
Mechanical Engineering –> Mechanic Career
Medicine –> Medic Career
Music –> Band Career (Not Yet Released)
Nursing –> Nursing Career
Pharmacy –> Pharmacist Career
Philosophy –> Judge Career (Not Yet Released)
Physics –> Astronomy Career
Politics –> Local Council Career (Not Yet Released)
Psychology –> Psychologist Career
Real Estate –> Estate Agent Career
Social Work –> Investigator (EA)
Sport and Exercise –> Coach Career (Not Yet Released)
Tourism, Transport and Travel –> Airline Career
Veterinary Medicine –> Veterinary Career
Youth and Community Work –> Career Advisor Career (Not Yet Released)

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