The Dean’s Office

Welcome to MissyHissy’s College of Further Education. Before you traverse any further into the college, would you be so kind as to read these notices?

Please Note:

These are not degrees to use in the Sims University world. These are actually careers designed to look like degrees. These ‘degrees’ are obtained through the individual rabbithole buildings and not through the Enroll In University menus.

There will eventually be over 50 ‘degrees’ available to choose from. While they don’t work in the Sims University world, they do require the University expansion pack. They work in the University rabbitholes in a home world and so will require you to have either those buildings or the Rabbithole Rugs or Doors in your home world. Many of them make use of the Student Union or University Hangout lot types so these should ideally be present, although they are not compulsory.

Each ‘degree’ is linked to a full career, either one of mine or one of EA’s. The career in question will be mentioned and linked to (if required) on the appropriate page. You can also find a link to The Job Centre at the top of the page.

The degrees are either Bachelor’s (BA), Master’s (MA) or Doctorates (PhD). Each level equates an academic year, so the BA degrees are 3 years (3 levels), MA degrees are 4 years (4 levels) and PhD degrees are 7 years (7 levels).

The Administration Centre page gives a list of all the available courses for your Sims to enjoy and the links to their individual pages.

The University Essentials page lists all the highly recommended mods to make the University Experience work for you in any way you choose.

The Campus is a page with download links, pictures and information about University buildings I have created to go with the ‘degrees’.

The Simbridge University page is a blog page for my University gameplay, using the degrees from this website. The page features gameplay ideas and screenshots from my Simbridge University story.

The Course List provides a list of all the degrees currently planned and their status of release. The courses are separated under six headings to give a clear idea of the type of degree.

The Bulletin Board contains all the latest updates for the degrees.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the ‘degree’ Careers as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

Credit to TheSweetSimmer for the render

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